The AmerikaHaus@School project brings transatlantic topics and speakers into schools, informs students about current issues in politics and economy, and spreads interest and joy in culture. By meeting experts on an equal level, AmerikaHaus@School allows young people to critically discuss relevant societal issues and to foster their interest in a transatlantic exchange.

Field trip to the Military cemetery Henri-Chapelle and Vogelsang

Military cemetery Henri-Chapelle and Vogelsang IP

What do students know about the recent German past? They might know some things from class and history books, but not enough from direct contact with historical legacies. Only a few kilometers away from Aachen, Düsseldorf and Cologne, this history can be experienced up close.

The field trip “Ziemlich Beste Freunde. Germany – Europe – USA” is a one-day trip with history classes from various schools. The students first visit the American war memorial site in Henri-Chapelle, Belgium, before they experience a stark contrast in Vogelsang IP: the former NS-recruitment and educational site is very firmly presented as a place of perpetrators, not of victims. The goal of this excursion is, for one, the engagement with this dark chapter of German-American relations, but also to get new intercultural insights regarding today’s coexistence between Americans and Germans in a European context.

Competition: Me and My America

What are the visions of university and high school students and their teachers concerning the future German-American friendship?

The Zentrum für LehrerInnenbildung (ZfL) of the University of Cologne, AmerikaHaus  NRW e. V., and the TU Dortmund want to know what students think. Therefore, they promote their joint competition “Me and my America”. Together, we are looking for your personal vision of how the US might change in the coming decades in the fields of education, culture, politics, economics or energy, and what that means for you, your surroundings, and your (teaching) profession. Your contribution should initiate an examination of German-American relations. You can apply with a podcast, video or essay. In these you deal with the German-American history and friendship and develop visions for the future. There should be no limits to your creativity!

Who can join? Students, pupils, school classes or courses can enter the competition.

The competition takes place yearly. The exact date for an application and the deadline for your project will be announced in time.

Check out the Winners 2018!

with the video

Seminars, Role Plays, and Summits

One example: in cooperation with Dr. Andrew Denison, director of Transatlantic Networks, AmerikaHaus NRW e.V. organized an event in the Ernst-Mach-Gymnasium in Hürth. Students of the advanced English course had the task to simulate a summit meeting between the US and Germany. During the first unit, the students got a basic understanding of the political system in the US, and in the second unit they learned the basics of the decision-making structures. After that, the transatlantic cooperation between Germany and the US was in the focus. In groups, the students staged role plays based on real examples, did research and had discussions.


We are happy to send American authors to your school to do a reading!

Joshua Cohen visited a senior class of the Hölderlin Gymnasium in Cologne to read from his book Four New Messages and discuss it with the students.

The famous author Holly-Jane Rahlens read from her novel Infinitissimo - The Man Who Fell Through Time – published in Germany as Everlasting – in the Christophorusschule Königswinter and the Gymnasium Fabritanium in Krefeld-Uerdingen. Overall, 100 students from grades 10 and 11 participated in this bilingual reading. Afterwards, Ms. Rahlens signed her books and gave autographs. The students gained insights into the work of an author, into how a novel is created, and had the opportunity to ask questions.