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International Women’s Day: “Am I What You’re Looking For?”

International Women’s Day:
“Am I What You’re Looking For?”

Monday, March 8th, 2021
6.00 PM (CET)
via Zoom

Endia Beal in discussion with Alexandra Eul 


Endia Beal is a North Carolina based artist, curator, and author. Beal’s work merges fine arts with social injustice. She uses photography and video to reveal the often overlooked and unappreciated experiences unique to people of color. Specifically, Beal’s first monograph, Performance Review, brings together work over a 10-year period that highlights the realities and challenges for women of color in the corporate workplace. She lectures about these experiences, which also addresses bias in corporate hiring practices. Beal is featured in several online editorials including The New York Times, NBC, BET, Huffington Post, and National Geographic; she also appeared in TIME Magazine, the Financial Times Weekend Magazine, VICE Magazine, Essence, Marie Claire and Newsweek.


Alexandra Eul is a journalist who lives and writes in Cologne. She moderates panel discussions and events and works as a lecturer. Previously, she worked as an editor for EMMA magazine and for Deutschlandfunk Nachrichten. As an Arthur F. Burns Fellow, she has reported from the U.S. and Canada and was a guest editor at "The Globe and Mail" in Toronto. As one of the Robert Bosch Stiftung's India-Germany Media Ambassadors, she has conducted research in India and was a guest editor at "The Hindu" in Mumbai. In her podcast "Fast 40", she discusses with very different people about this strange in-between age, when you are no longer young, but not yet old either. 

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