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Slow Philosophy in an Age of Haste: What Are Universities for

with Prof. Michelle Boulous Walker (University of Queensland)

In her book Slow Philosophy: Reading against the Institution
(Bloomsbury, 2017), Michelle Boulous Walker examines the importance of unhurried time in establishing our institutional encounters with complex and demanding works; it offers a critique of the corporatization of the institution and the implications this has for the way we practice philosophy – or, indeed, any thoughtful intellectual endeavor. In her lecture, Prof. Walker draws from Slow Philosophy to explore proposals for change that returntimeand again to attentive and reflective modes of thought, reading, and interpersonal relations, a procedure that provides us with an optimistic view of the important work we needto undertake in the University today.

Michelle Boulous Walker is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the Universityof Queensland, Australia. Her recent research in slow philosophy engages the work of Nietzsche, Levinas, Adorno, Luce Irigaray, and Michèle Le Doeuff, among others.

Ort: University of Bonn, Room A, IAAK | Regina-Pacis-Weg 5 | 53113 Bonn