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On the Strange Return of Marx

In his talk, Dr. Pendakis situates the recent turn to Marx within contemporary theory by laying out the grounds on which Marx was elided by postmodernism, i.e. by tracking that elision not just to the breakdown of actually existing communism, but to shifts within (mostly French) theory away from causality and sociological determinacy and towards contingency and the transgressiveness of margins. In a second step, he looks at the ways the global conjuncture itself in the years 2001-2018 passed through transformations that made the elision of Marx appear in a suddenly relevant new light: a newly rejuvenated American imperialism, an increasing awareness of the scale of climate change, and expanding waves of economic crisis, he argues, have made it impossible not to take Marx seriously today.

Dr. Pendakis' lecture takes place within Prof. Sabine Sielke’s class “North American Literatures and Their Theories” and is open to the interested public.

Andrew Pendakis is an associate professor of Theory and Rhetoric at Brock University and a former visiting scholar at the North American Studies Program. He is a co-editor, with Jeff Diamanti and Imre Szeman, of the forthcoming Bloomsbury Companion to Marx.

Ort: University of Bonn | Room A, IAAK | Regina-Pacis-Weg 5 | 53113 Bonn