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Internal Security and Migration in Germany

In October 2017, four current participants in the prestigious Marshall Memorial Fellowship will visit Cologne. On this occasion, former State Minister and Amerika Haus board member Dr. Ingo Wolf will deliver an exclusive talk on current questions of internal security and migration in Germany.

“We can do it”. That was the message Chancellor Angela Merkel has been giving her country since she pledged in late August 2015 to provide refuge to anyone coming from Syria in addition to others seeking protection from violence and warfare. Refugees were widely welcomed in Germany at the beginning. But the New Year´s Eve 2015/2016 in Cologne changed the public opinion fundamentally. The mass sex assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve in 2016 helped boost anti-migrant sentiment and brought up a discussion about internal security and migration. Among other things the terrorist attack on a Christmas Market with 12 victims stimulated the discussion about deficits in German security authorities and the political impacts.

Dr. Ingo Wolf is a politician of the FDP, the Liberal Party in Germany, who was a member of the state and national parliament for more than 17 years; among them approx. 3 years as the head of the FDP caucus. Until Mai 2017 he presided the judiciary committee of the state parlia-ment. From 2005 to 2010, he was Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia. During his time in office, his approach was to find a balance between security and freedom. His highest priority was internal security. He grew up in Cologne and has worked as a judge, lawyer, deputy, and chief executive in local administrations.

The talk will be in English and will be succeeded by a reception. Participation is only possible on invitation.

Ort: Rotonda Business Club, Salierring 32, 50677 Köln


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