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Martin Luther King Day Panel Discussion

Dear friends and supporters of AmerikaHaus NRW e.V.,
in cooperation with the North American Studies (NAS) Department at the University of Bonn, we cordially invite you to Martin Luther King Day Panel Discussion:

How Black Lives Matter – in the United States and in Germany:
Systemic Racism, Modes of Solidarity, and Historical Differences

Monday, January 18, 2021
6:00-7:30 pm


Sabine Aretz
(Alumna, North American Studies Program)

Prof. Dr. Manfred Berg
(Universität Heidelberg)

Prof. Dr. Sabine Bröck
(Universität Bremen)

Prof. Dr. Rebecca Brückmann
(Universität Bochum)

Don Lowman, MA, MBA
(IAAK, Universität Bonn)


Prof. Dr. Anke Ortlepp
(Universität zu Köln)

Prof. Dr. Sabine Sielke
(North American Studies Program)

Honoring Martin Luther King Day 2021, the panel focuses on the Black Lives Matter Movement and its protests against systemic racism and police violence in the United States and their echo in Germany. While of utmost relevance for the fight against racism, such solidarity raises the question how cultural conditions in the US and Germany compare. Do the terms, attitudes, strategies, and goals we adopt fit our own cultural conflicts? How have issues of race, racism, and xenophobia affected lives, institutions, and politics in Germany? Does the attention to racism circumnavigate the significance of economic inequality and classism, not to speak of systemic sexism? And what impact have black and Afro-German activism had on cultural communication and social interaction around here? These are some of the questions our debate will address.

Please join us herehttps://uni-bonn.zoom.us/j/94662220802?pwd=YzE0VzBuSkRnOXZpNC9EZ3V4MTBydz09

Best wishes,
Dr. Benjamin Becker and the team of AmerikaHaus NRW e.V.