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Can It Happen Here? How the Republicans Threaten U.S. Democracy

Dear Members and Friends of the AmerikaHaus NRW,

Together with the North American Studies Program at the University of Bonn, the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, and the Deutsch-Kanadische Gesellschaft e.V. we cordially invite you to a lecture on


Can It Happen Here? How the Republicans Threaten U.S. Democracy
Dr. Philipp Adorf, University of Bonn
Tuesday, June 11, 2024 | 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. | bpb:medienzentrum | Bundeskanzlerplatz 2e | 53113 Bonn

Descriptions of political opponents as “vermin” and migrants engaged in “poisoning the blood of our country” illustrate the extent to which Donald Trump’s rhetoric has further radicalized since he left the Oval Office. While the threat posed by the former – and potentially future – president attracts most attention, the role of the Republicans in damaging US democracy is far more extensive and runs deeper. Today’s Republican Party can be described, Dr. Adorf argues, as a populist, profoundly illiberal and white nationalist movement whose reluctance to abide by democratic norms and conventions predates the Trump era and will affect the United States long term.

Dr. Philipp Adorf is a Research Assistant at the Institute of Political Science and Sociology at Bonn University. His research has focused on the Republican Party as well as right-wing populism on both sides of the Atlantic. The updated edition of his
book Die Republikanische Partei in den USA will be published this summer.
This event is part of the Lecture Series "Current Issues in North American and Cultural Studies" of the North American Studies Program.